ALBA membership rates

  1. Silks £55
  2. Barristers (save during approved pupillage) and Solicitors: £35
  3. Barristers and Solicitors employed by public/voluntary organisations, Full-Time Academics, Full-Time Students, Associate Members: £20
  4. Pupils and Trainees; Full-Time Judges : Free

Aspiring members in categories 1 and 2 can sign up for membership directly via our website by clicking on the relevant button below.

Aspiring members in categories 3 and 4 who wish to obtain the reduced rate should use the form below to email us.

Please select the status on which reduced rate membership is sought.
Max. file size: 128 MB.

Please upload evidence to show the status relied on. For example, this could be a photocopy of your student card or an email from your pupil supervisor/chambers confirming that you are currently a pupil.

Any dispute in relation to entitlement to reduced rate membership shall be referred by the ALBA administrator for determination by ALBA’s chair, vice-chair and membership secretary (with the chair to have the casting vote).