Monday 28 February 2022 at 5pm, Government Legal Department, via Zoom

Why apply and how best to do it!

This is an event aimed at those thinking about applying to join the Attorney General’s London A, B and C Panels of Civil Counsel. The competition to make appointments to all 3 of the London Panels opens on Wednesday 23 February 2022 and will close at noon on Thursday 7 April 2022.

The Law Officers maintain 3 London panels of Junior Counsel (A, B and C) to undertake civil work for all government departments. There is a wide variety of expertise required, not just in public law, to meet the needs of government across the civil courts and tribunals. These can range from employment or personal injury to pensions or intellectual property.
Information will be provided about the work of all the panels and the appointments and application process.

An existing member of the London Panel Counsel will speak about their own experiences of panel work, in particular the types of cases they have undertaken during their time on the panels and their experience of the application process.
The aim of this event is to demystify the application process and to encourage as many of those who have the qualifications to apply to do so.

To reserve a place, please email by Friday 25 February 2022.
There will be an opportunity to ask
questions of the speakers and senior Government Lawyers.